Sunday, January 28, 2007

Changing music industry online and mobile

Reading through the industry headlines in the past few days- a few articles show the trends and changing face of the music industry and where it will have to adapt to succeed-

Mobile phones set to propel music industry into online age
by Audrey Stuart Wed Jan 24, 2007
CANNES, FRANCE (AFP) - Mobile phones are proving the saviour of the struggling music industry and could be the vital springboard needed to propel the business finally into digital sales, industry experts have said.
"I believe a lot of the new revenues for the music industry will definitely come through mobile phones," said Dominque Leguern, director of MIDEM, the premier trade fair for the world's music industry that closes its doors on Thursday.
With the number of cellphone users predicted to hit the three billion mark in 2007, and 90 percent of the world's population expected to have mobile access by 2010, this could prove a powerful shot in the arm for the music industry.

here is another one worth reading-

Music Industry Eyes Digital Age With Growing Optimism
Consumers and sellers mingle with the movers and shakers at Midem 2007 in Cannes At the 2007 Midem music fair in Cannes, artists and executives from the music and media industries come to discuss and promote the latest fads and trends. One forum tackled the digital age with much optimism.
All the talk at the Midem international music market's Net Forum in Cannes on Monday was of the digital age and whether artists were getting what they deserved in terms of money and exposure. Most of the participants in the discussion agreed that the advances in technology had done much to secure theirs and music's future.,,2322771,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-all-1573-rdf

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