Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Music Products Sales in U.S. Hit Record $7.3 Billion in 2004

Good news for the music instrument manufacturing industry. NAMM (the International Music Products Association) recently released the results of a national survey revealing a record-setting level of musical instrument and product sales in 2004. Last year's sales were an increase of 5.2% over 2003. I would blame the prevalence of cheap home recording software for PCs and Macs (Cubase, Cakewalk, Nuendo, Pro Tools) for encouraging more people to start playing an instrument, and then to record their own number one hit singles as MP3s for use in their PODCasts and to trade on P2P networks (assuming that the RIAA doesn't shut them down first). The peripherals (audio interfaces, microphone preamps, USB controllers) market should also be seeing an upsurge in interest as the technology becomes more mainstream and therefore cheaper.

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