Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chinese Search Engine Baidu In Illegal Music Download Battle

China’s biggest search engine,, was today in the first day of mediation in a copyright trial brought against the company by seven global music corporations. The music companies (including Warner, Universal, EMI, and Sony BMG) allege that the search engine provided links to sites that allows users to illegally download music. The search engine Baidu has of course stated that their service does not provide the illegal downloads, but merely points users towards the illegal sites. In an attempt to come to a mutually beneficial resolution, Baidu has agreed to proceed with mediation, if the mediation however is not successful then the case will go to trial. MP3 searching accounts for 22% of Baidu’s traffic. Netease, another of China’s major search engines recently stopped their MP3 search facilities in order to curtail similar legal action against them.

A Sign Of The Times

Is it a sign that classic rock is back in the spotlight when Oprah Winfrey opens her season with classic rockers Bon Jovi? I'd say so. And the worldwide success of shows like "Rockstar: INXS" makes so much more sense than the whole American Idol craze - finally singers with soul, showmanship, groove, and more importantly - who ROCK! Eagle eyed viewers of Rockstar: INXS will have noticed that the PA system used on the show comes from manufacturers SLS International (SITI.OB) - who just started selling their Q Line speakers in WalMarts across the country.

And for those of you who have unrequited Rock & Roll aspirations - check out - the classic rock themed digital recording facility whose goal is to help you, "Live Your Rock And Roll Dream".

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

iTunes Captures 80% of UK Digital Downloads Market

iTunes just released news that in the UK they have captured 80% of the downloadable music market. This feat was accomplished in less than 18 months of being in business. The news was released on the heels of a report by the Official U.K. Charts Company which stated that the UK had generated 13 million digital downloads so far this year, compared to 5.7 million for all of 2004.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Dream Is Over For DreamWorks Nashville

It has now been officially announced that DreamWorks Records Nashville (DRN) is to be shut down by its parent company, Universal Music Group (UMG). DreamWorks SKG was purchased by UMG in 2003 for $100 million, and part of the deal was that UMG would have one year to use the DreamWorks name before being required to phase it out. Another factor in the company’s closure is that artist Toby Keith has left the label to form his own record company, Show Dog Records. Label mate and artist Scotty Emerick has also left DRN to sign with Keith’s new label.

Toby Keith has had great success in his music career up to this point selling 25 million albums, with 10 going platinum, and 21 No. 1 singles. Keith has sourced help in running Show Dog Records in the form of former DreamWorks Nashville executive, Scott Borchetta, who will also be running his own label, Big Machine Records.