Friday, October 27, 2006

The future of Myspace

With The News Corporation (NWS), purchase - maybe the $$ numbers of the transaction and the recent purchase of YouTube invites the interest of the wrong kind of fan.
Myspace has had recent hacker’s attacks with emails directing users to login pages not associated wit Myspace to gain access to user’s login and passwords. Feedback from users - site frozen, pages not working, "friends dropped to zero" and so on...
Then recent headlines like the WSJ- Myspace- Byespace talking about market saturation and users leaving the heavily populated community makes you wonder about - 1. The direction of online community- the security of online community and where will the online music industry shift and move to?

Service and security will be issues...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 Announces Contest Winner for Week Oct 16 - Oct 22 Hip Hop Artist Spotrusha, with MP3 “Mary Warner” Announces Contest Winner for Week Oct 16 - Oct 22 Hip Hop Artist Spotrusha, with MP3 “Mary Warner”

Featured MP3Musicgram this week: Alternative Rock Artist, Gentry Morris with “Rene”

For Immediate Release:

Delta, and B.C. – October 25, 2006,, a free music promotion site featuring free MP3 music uploads and Musicgrams, announces the artist winner for the most sent MP3Musicgrams for the week of Oct 16 - Oct 22, hip hop singer Spotrusha, with song “Mary Warner “.

The Music Fan and Artist contest officially started October 16, 2006 and runs through to December 11, 2006. Artists and bands in all musical genres from rock to country to hip hop can upload a promo MP3, image, artist description and add their website link to direct users back to their site. The contest will feature monthly prizes for the most sent MP3 Musicgrams by artists, with a grand prize of an electric or acoustic guitar to be awarded at the end. More importantly, artists and bands that upload their music get a chance to be heard by new fans and have their MP3 spread virally for global exposure.

Contest page:

Friday, October 13, 2006

music can change the an iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED™

music is an international language and now Apple has joined Bono and his new venture to raise money for drugs in Africa as one of the products for sale -iPod nano as part of the (PRODUCT) RED™ branding . Apple contributes $10 from the purchase price to the Global Fund, to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

From the GAP to iPods t Motorola red cell phones - you can buy what you were going to buy anyway- but in "red"

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Who Tour 2006- they still rock

Being a Who fan my entire adult life, if that starts at 16, I was amazed to see the two 60 year old standing members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey perform for hours with the endurance of young men when they first broke into the music scene, but the performance polish of true rock stars.
In my opinion, one of the best rock bands of all time, they did not disappoint me last night as I sat in the audience at GM Place and screamed until I lost my voice, while they still sang and played effortlessly.

With classics like My Generation and Teenage Wasteland bringing down the house , with a room full of all generations , it made the event one of my top musical experiences to finally see them and hear them live.

I have said a few times in this Blog, as the music industry undergoes massive change with MP3's and online availability, there is no replacement for seeing a good band or artist perform live.

The Who sang new material from their new album set to be released October 13

I am sold- I am a buyer - and I will buy the CD to play in my car and in my home. I think I owe it to them ...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Apple sings the tune of Starbucks

I'll have a coffee with my apple, no I will have an apple with my coffee, nope I will have...

The Starbucks Hear Music catalog will now be available in the iTunes music store under an agreement with iTunes owner Apple Computer Inc.
from the news:
Starbucks (SBUX ) and Apple (AAPL) announced the availability of the Starbucks Hear Music catalog on the iTunes® Store (, giving iTunes users the ability to preview, buy and download a wide variety of Starbucks popular Hear Music titles. Hear Music produces a wide range of albums showcasing new and classic artists including the well-known Artist's Choice(TM) series, Opus Collections, Debut Series releases by emerging artists, as well as new works from major artists. Starbucks Hear Music offerings will be available in a special new Starbucks Entertainment area within the iTunes Store and will include a wide variety of popular content as well as playlists created specifically