Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Podcast Race Is On

America’s two largest radio stations are planning to make some of their content available through Podcasts. Infinity plans to air free daily Podcast editions of their newscasts from their nine news radio stations, starting in July, with WINS (1010 Wins) New York. Next March the other eight stations will follow suit (WCBS-AM New York, KFWB and KNX Los Angeles, WBBM-AM Chicago, KCBS San Francisco, KYW Philadelphia, WBZ Boston and WWJ Detroit). Infinity recently launched an all Podcasting formula station - KYCY (KYOU Radio) San Francisco, for which they have already received over one thousand entries for broadcast. The second company, Clear Channel, is making use of the new fashionable industry buzz-word, “repurpose”. The company plans to 'repurpose' already produced content from their morning shows making them available for download as, yes you guessed it, that other trendy industry buzzword: Podcasts. Clear Channel’s offering starts on June 6 with WHTZ (Z100) New York.

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