Monday, July 10, 2006

Lyric jeans- Music and denim industries converge

While doing some research today, I ran across a small company with big ambitons in the music/clothing industry
Lyric Jeans, Inc. (Other OTCPK:LYJN)
according to their recent press release :
"Lyric Jeans is a music driven premium clothing line involving lyrical content on jeans, denim wear and accessories. Each pair of jeans reflects the personality, style and flare of the artist and song through its design. With the vision of fusing the world of music with fashion, Lyric Jeans employs a cutting-edge design strategy allowing consumers to express themselves stylishly through song lyrics. Lyric Jeans recently announced licensing deals with Warner/Chappell Music and Universal Music Publishing Group. The company's manufacturing partner is American Garment Sewing, one of the leading U.S. companies in premium denim production."

more info -

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