Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Rolling Stones Live

It was the best of times, the worse of times Saturday night as the snow fell and made driving conditions frightening as we white knuckled our way into Vancouver to see what may be the last time the Rolling Stones play live on tour in our area or anywhere….
It was worth the cost of hiring someone else to drive as I turned back and admitted my lack of skill in the driving category

For those of us who grew up to great rock, it is one of the few things we can genuinely share and bond with our teenagers. The stadium was full of other parents also having that rare experience of true bonding with a teenage child.

As I have said many times- I hear my son speak the same thoughts ‘nothing is better than a great live performance… it makes you want to go buy the music”... Music to the industry’s ears. SO once again – it’s not about CD’s vs. MP3’s – it’s about the artist compelling you to listen and buy their music – in whatever format your generation chooses. I will find my way to a CD store and still talk about my record collection I gave away to an old boyfriend and my son will use his ipod and talk MP3 code.
But both generations love the music and will always remember that snowy evening we made it in to see the Stones!

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