Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Manufactured Music - Where are the purists ?

Manufactured Music - Where are the purists ?

I don’t think I can survive watching another Music Award Show with Taylor Swift singing live. No offense, she seems like a nice kid , but to anyone who loves music this generation of manufactured music from Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber to Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers is enough to have Townes Van Zandt turn over in his grave .

I was lucky enough to be a teenager in the 70’s and grew up listening to some of the best rock music of all time . I ate real food, was active, did not have a cell phone or Facebook and listened to real music. We loved music and the love affair never stopped.

The world today is run by 12 year old girls following manufactured music , eating manufactured and processes food and living their lives online.

It’s a sad state of our society. Where are the purists of today? Bruce Springsteen, who is one of the greatest songwriters of my era and today never had a number one song…

The world has gone crazy. My hope for this generation is that they can grow up to one day listen to Bob Dylan , while eating raw or organic food , drinking a great glass of red wine discussing his lyrics with real friends , in person, face to face .

If society is historically judged by its culture and arts – what are we saying today ?


Anonymous said...

I agree...but then again you'll always have your fabricated bubblegum pop robots. I have a bigger problem with institutions like the Record Academy throwing away Grammys like candy to the young pop acts that sell the most records. It has NOTHING to do with talent.


Anonymous said...

The problem is not that there isn't any real music out there. The problem is that the music industry is just that, an industry.

There are some really great acts out there causing a small-scale stir but lacking the financial backing that Miley, Jonas brothers have, struggle just to be heard.

I saw one band in LA recently that completely blew me away ( OLIVERMORE - http://reverbnation.com/olivermoremusic ). I can't imagine how an act like this hasn't been given the exposure the fabricated music gets.

LA is full of bands chasing dreams of superstardom copying the 'superstars'. Most of them will fail (thank God for them and us), but there are some real music acts out there still!